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Students of Teacher Certification Courses and Massage Therapy Training CoursesClass Schedule:

2022-23 Hybrid Lotus Education Institute Online Hybrid Schedule

See individual courses for weekly due dates. Study during the week at your convenience. Online courses are not self-paced.

Online Learning

Please utilize YouTube videos that guide students, such as

Right technology:

Canvas requires an updated Internet browser, Firefox and Safari are recommended. Make sure to try out the software and links before your classes begin. Troubleshoot any problems using the Canvas Help tab or YouTube channel. Make sure all plug-ins, microphones, and audio functions work well.

Schedules – Holidays – Closures

Massage Therapy Classes Online Massage TherapyExtraordinary conditions such as inclement weather, students will be notified as soon as possible by phone and/or radio, and/or TV who provide closure information as a public service. Classes are not held on the following holidays:

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & the Friday following, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Entrance Requirements

The school does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, or disability.

Prospective students must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be accepted for enrollment. If applicants are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in Colorado and do not possess a diploma or equivalent diploma, they may complete an ability to benefit test. The school does not administer the test, but will provide information on availability when requested. Students also concurrently enrolled in General Education Diploma (GED) courses will be accepted for enrollment.

Students with many forms of disabilities perform massage therapy proficiently. Students must testify to being healthy physically and mentally as required to perform professional massage therapy. Students who fail to disclose disabilities prohibiting their ability to learn and perform massage therapy are subject to dismissal.

Students will be asked to undergo a background check similar to the requirements for state licensure.

Class Dates for Teacher Online Training and Massage Classes OnlineEnrollment

Prospective students may enroll anytime at the start of each month. Online students can enroll up to day 3 of the first week of any course. After day 3, no enrollments will be accepted.

Postponement of Start Date

Postponement of a starting date, whether at the request of the school or the student, requires a written agreement signed by the student and the school. The agreement must set forth:

a. Whether the postponement is for the convenience of the school or the student, and;

b. A deadline for the new start date, beyond which the start date will not be postponed.

If the course is not commenced, or the student fails to attend by the new start date set forth in the agreement, the student will be entitled to an appropriate refund of prepaid tuition and fees within 30 days of the deadline of the new start date set forth in the agreement, determined in accordance with the school’s refund policy and all applicable laws and rules concerning the Private Occupational Education Act of 1981.

Placement Assistance

Lotus Health Education offers employment assistance to graduates, consisting of job lead referrals and job skills development. While assisting in your job search, we make no guarantee, expressed or implied, of future employment. Current law prohibits any school from guaranteeing job placement as an inducement to enroll students.

Attendance Requirements

Students are expected to arrive on time for class with proper materials. An overall attendance rate of at least 80% is required. Instructors may request your withdrawal from a course or program if absences or tardiness exceed 70%.

Students who are unable to continue classes for medical reasons or severe personal problems will be required to take a leave of absence until they are able to return to class. Proper documentation will be required to substantiate a student’s withdrawal.

Progress Policy

Students must maintain a 75% grade point average. Those who do not will be placed on probation for 30 days. During the probation period students must raise their grade average to passing or higher. The student may be terminated if grades are not satisfactory at the end of the probationary period.

Students enrolled in the 500 hour Professional Massage Therapy program have one year to complete all courses. After one year, upon consideration of circumstances, students may be required to exit the program, retake courses, and/or pay additional fees for program extensions.

Dis-enrollment or extension shall be at the school Director’s discretion. The Director has final authority and shall notify the student of the final decision.

Schedule WomanGrading System

90-100 = A Excellent

80-89 = B Above Average

70-79 = C Average

60-69 = D Below Average

Under 59 = F Unsatisfactory

Every six weeks, progress reports with grades will be issued to students throughout the program. Students enrolled in short-term courses will be issued grades at course end.

Conduct Policy

All students are expected to act maturely and are required to respect other students and faculty members. Possession or use of weapons, illegal drugs, and alcohol of any kind are not allowed at any time on school property. Any student may be asked to take a drug test and pay for the test at the director’s discretion. Students must show up to class clean and dressed fitting for professional massage therapy. Any violation of school policies may result in permanent dismissal from school. Students are expected to follow the same ethical code of conduct as prescribed by the National Certification Board of Bodywork and Massage Therapy.

Educational Services

Tutoring and make-up work is available at a cost determined by the director.

Previous Credits

Credits from another institution will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Lotus Education Institute does not guarantee transferability of our credits to another institution or state unless there is a written agreement with another institution.

Student Grievance Procedure

Students with grievances must first contact individual instructors and attempt to work out an amicable solution. If a solution cannot be reached between instructors and students, students may contact the school grievance representative, currently Christine Liebe.