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Teachers Continuing Education

Become a Certified Professional Massage Therapy instructor with 3 courses, then take a 4th course and start your own branch of Lotus Education Institute.

As we get older and more experienced as massage therapists, we should pass on our knowledge. We have the technology to help you become an amazing instructor. We have the curriculum and school administration set up for you. We want you to succeed and help make the world a happier healthier place, one person, one muscle at a time. Please call us today and start your next journey.


Where can vocational teachers get continuing education online? Lotus Education Institute offers state-of-the art teacher continuing education classes, using research-based instructional theory and methodology. In this teacher online training, students will learn the theory and art of course design, teaching to different learning styles, and creating optimal learning environments. However, the teacher certification courses at Lotus Education Institute are designed to be as interactive and as engaging as possible utilizing sight, sound, and touch. So you can expect to learn using the same instructional strategies which you will use to teach your students.

Canvas – premier software for teachers continuing education

At Lotus Education Institute, we specialize in offering the number one rated most excellent teachers continuing education courses with Canvas, a premier software for online learning. Canvas allows students to read, chat, discuss, take quizzes, build interactive pages, view, listen, record videos, and many other amazing activities which create a uniquely engaging online massage therapy learning experience. Canvas operates efficiently with minimal technological or internet speed requirements. Canvas is used increasingly by public schools and colleges nationwide.

 Advantages of the Lotus Education Teachers Continuing Education

Online teacher certification courses allow students to study at convenient times, learn in a comfortable familiar environment, learn at an individual speed and pace, and have access to simulating interactive learning materials. In the Lotus Education Institute online teacher training program, students can study 3 courses, each 5 weeks long, in the library, on their smart phone, or anywhere they wish at convenient times. Each course provides CEUs. Additionally, Christine Liebe, founder of Lotus Education Institute, and a Ph.D. in Education candidate is available to come to your school and offer the teachers continuing education courses in person.

It is easy to create an efficient schedule, maintaining current employment, not having to move, and studying at times that work for your schedule.  Teacher online training classes also allow students to read and study at their own pace but students are given specific deadlines. The classes have weekly due dates, which help students make progress and finish courses. Finally, attending teachers continuing education online training classes provide students with many opportunities to utilize the internet, videos, and interactive virtual textbook activities which stimulate and enhance learning.

 Technical requirements: Teachers Continuing Education

Canvas and its hosting infrastructure are designed for maximum compatibility and minimal requirements.

Screen Size

  • A minimum of 1024×600. That is the average size of a netbook. You probably won’t want to view Canvas on a smaller screen than that.

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP SP3 and newer
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer
  • Linux – chromeOS

Mobile OS Native App Support

  • iOS 5 and newer
  • Android 2.3 and newer

Computer Speed and Processor

  • Use a computer 5 years old or newer when possible
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2GHz processor

Internet Speed

  • Along with compatibility and web standards, Canvas has been carefully crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments.
  • Minimum of 512kbps

Screen Readers

  • Latest version of JAWS for Internet Explorer 9 & 10 and Firefox
  • Latest version of VoiceOver for Safari
  • There is no screen reader support for Chrome

Additional items:

Surge protectors and backup hard drives or flash drives are highly recommended.

Most computers today have the necessary requirements to run Canvas online classroom software. If you find that you are running into problems, please check the requirements above and update your browser or computer. Many public libraries also have free internet and computer access with updated software. Just bring your own headphones and attend the Lotus Education Institute teacher online training classes for free at the public library.

Bring Success to Students through Teachers Continuing Education Courses

Vocational instructors today need to prepare students for the 21st century. Lotus Education Institute teacher certification courses provide training in 21st century soft skills, such as communication techniques which create rapport, offering feedback in student learning styles, and teaching students collaborative learning (even online). In the 21st century, employees must be tech-saavy, problem-solvers, and team players. Teacher online training classes teach students to be independently motivated and technologically adept. As anyone with a computer knows, computers have problems. Teachers continuing education courses help students learn to solve problems with technology by working at home using internet resources, as well as in the teacher certification courses where teachers learn how to help students learn to solve problems. Students work collaboratively in the online environment to create solutions for dealing with challenging students and developing lesson plans.

In the Lotus Education Institute teacher continuing education certification courses, students learn to use activities and instructional techniques that help to motivate students. In the course design class, teachers learn how to communicate effective expectations, develop syllabi, identify key learning objectives, create assessments, and develop effective lesson plans. Online vocational instructor students must be prepared to be successful in the competitive job market in order to make a profitable living. Lotus Education Institute teacher continuing education certification courses provide students with the keys to be technically and personally successful as a effective vocational instructors.

Students also learn about individual learning styles in the teacher online training courses. Primarily, the theories of Markova and Gardner will help instructors learn how to identify, teach, and give feedback to students with varying learning styles. The Lotus Education Institute is offering this course with doctoral level content in a format that anyone seeking a online teacher certification program could enjoy.

Teacher continuing education courses help vocational instructors acquire instructional strategies and skills that normally must be learned in a Masters of Education program. In the Lotus Education Institute teacher online training, you will learn from with Christine Tinner, a successful vocational instructor with doctoral training in Education, curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

So go to and enroll today to attend the online teacher certification program. You may pay with PayPal online or call in your payment information. If a student is seeking premier online teacher certification courses and experience that will allow them to grow professionally and personally, they should attend Lotus Education Institute teachers continuing education courses.