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10 Half-Price Scholarships for January 2021 Classes

LEI will award 10 half-price tuition ($7750 – 50% = $3875) to qualified applicants. Preference will be given to: Parker, CO residents, people laid-off COVID-19, women, mothers, and college dropouts with college debt. As always applicants must be 18 or older, high school graduates, demonstrate the ability to successfully provide massage therapy, and demonstrate the ability to successfully complete online courses. Payment plans available.

Application process:

  1. Submit the two required enrollment forms, and
  2. Proof of any scholarship preferences (e.g., Parker, CO residents, people laid-off COVID-19, women, mothers, and college dropouts with college debt) and
  3. A typed 2-3 paragraph explanation of your circumstances and why you want to become a massage therapist.

Next 500 hr. Professional Massage Therapy program begins in January 2021!

5 months, hybrid (350 hrs online, 150 hrs in person), $7750, payment plans available, January to May 2021, apply today!

Personalized, Professional, Nurturing 500 hr. Certification

Join our next 5 month 500 hr Professional Massage Certification training starting on January 13th, 2020. Hybrid, online + 6 hands on weekends. Call 970-274-6688 to reserve your spot today!

Affordable, Convenient, Efficient Schedule

Schedule for Teacher Online Training and Massage Therapy Classes
Our 500 hr. hybrid Professional Massage Therapy Program means you study at home to learn the basics and train intensively with a master licensed massage therapy teacher of over 27 years in person for 6 weekends. Become licensed in 5 months and become successful at a job you love! ONLY 1 SPOT left for the Spring 2020 program. Apply today!

Spring 2020 Certification Training

Now accepting 2 lucky students for the Spring 2020 500 hour hybrid massage therapy certification program. 5 months, JAN-MAY 2020, weekly online classes plus 6 weekends and 2 additional evenings per month. Apply today:

Hand and Stone Externships!

Hand and Stone Spas are working with Lotus Education Institute to host students in externships. Call today for more information! 800-585-7903

Accepting applications for 2 students in September!

Focused, intentional, respectful healing

The FALL 2019 500 hour Professional Massage Therapy program begins on September 3.

5 months, 7 classes online, 6 weekends in person, $7750.

Apply HERE.

Call 800-585-7903 for information.

Massage Therapists Needed in Aspen!

The Hotel Jerome in Aspen is understaffed and needs massage therapists…preferably from Lotus Education Institute! Call Audrey at the Auberge Spa if interested.

Classes starting soon! Call today

Call 800-585-7903 to register for our next 500 hour Professional Massage Therapy training beginning on Feb. 5, 2019. Only 10 spaces left.